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平素よりNEXT Akasaka-Base をご愛顧頂き誠に有難う御座います。








来 館 の 注 意 次 項

  • ガイドラインに同意して頂ける会員様 (事前にガイドラインを確認して下さい。)
  • マスクを着用しての来館(着用しない場合はご来館をお断り致します。)

3. 完全予約制ルールの徹底 (予約の方を優先で参加して頂きます。)

1hクラス、1レッスン当たり最大8名制限  ※予約数に達していない場合は参加可能です。

※1.5hクラス、1レッスン当たり最大10名制限  ※予約数に達していない場合は参加可能です。

. 参加クラスお一人様、1日、基本2時間制限 ※参加人数、予約が少ない場合は継続レッスン可能です。

. レッスン開始10分経過後はキャンセル扱いにさせて頂きます。

. Night会員様は日中も参加頂けます。



※受付時間月〜土曜日10:00〜21:30迄 フロント・TELのみの予約受付になります。




Notice on visiting the notice of relaxation of the next item


Thank you for your continued support of NEXT Akasaka-Base.

We announced the other day when the Gym will resume operations from June 1 with the cancellation of the self-restraint request,Some precautions in the “Guidelines for Infection Prevention Measures” and “Notice for Visiting the Next Item” for the prevention of new-type coronavirus infection The following items will be alleviated from the business day of July 1st.

Please be sure to check the following items.


Based on the guidelines, many members may not be able to use it fully while restarting the business, and we apologize for the inconvenience, but we are taking measures to prevent infection.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


Notes on next visit

  1. Members who agree with the guidelines (please check the guidelines in advance)
  2. Visitors wearing a mask (If you do not wear a mask, you will not be allowed to come.)
  3. Thorough rules for complete reservations (reservations will be given priority to participate.)

*1 h class, maximum 8 people per lesson *If you have not reached the reservation number, you can participate.

*1.5h class, maximum 10 students per lesson *If you have not reached the number of reservations, you can participate.

  1. Participation class per person, 1 day, 2 hours basic limit ※Continuous lessons are possible if there are few participants and reservations.
  2. After 10 minutes from the start of the lesson, it will be treated as canceled.
  3. Night members also participate during the day.
  4. There is a time limit after the lesson, so please cooperate with us as soon as possible.


*Reception Hours Monday-Saturday 10:00 to 21:30 Reservation will be accepted only through the

front desk and TEL.

Please note that we do not accept reservations via Mail.

Reservation will be given priority to customers at the front desk or telephone.